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Omar Almahmoud

Acting CEO, ICT Fund

Omar is a multitalented individual with extensive industry expertise on the latest technologies and currently heads the ICT Fund, a UAE federal investment fund focused on Education, R&D, Incubation & National ICT Projects. With knowledge in the local and international landscapes that shapes the technology ecosystem, Omar has presented many talks on technology, entrepreneurship and knowledge based economies at many universities and events. Steaming from a technical background with an engineering degree in telecommunications, he is well versed in the ICT sector in technologies such as Web, Mobile, Satellite, Fiber Optics, Broadband, Wireless and Wired technologies. In addition to his technical background, Omar also possesses entrepreneurship traits and knowledge of marketing and sales, operations, R&D, and management of medium and high-tech businesses. He currently hosts a weekly radio talk show, where Omar talks on the latest news in technology