John Mushriqui

John is a seasoned Innovation Consultant leading client engagements. He is a public sector specialist that manages many of our account relationships across the Middle East.

Most recently John served as the CEO of a US Aerospace and Defense Company, Tego Texi Tectum, where he primarily worked with Governmental sectors in the Middle East Region and the US, including Ministries of Interior and Ministry of Defense among many others.
Prior to becoming the CEO, John was heading Innovation and Growth in his firm, where he lead the organization to revolutionize the Aerospace and Defense Industry through business model innovation, product innovation, and growth strategies.
An expert in Innovation, Change Management, Leadership, and Strategy Implementation, with almost 15 years’ experience across a diverse range of industries/sectors such as governmental, telecom, aerospace and defense, pharmaceutical, and banking.
John has a BA from Temple University where he focused on Finance and Strategy.