Urban Mobility

Traffic and transportation is a major of any urban environment where density, infrastructure, public transportation, weather and layout all play a major role. While each city has its own, this theme focuses on how better access to information and services can lead to more efficient and effective mobility in the city.
Solutions for Urban Mobility should deal with, but are not limited to the following aspects:
  • inform users on traffic condition.
  • guide users in choosing the right means of transportation
  • help promote the use of sustainable mobility.

Energy & Emissions

As most of humanity moves to live in cities, energy efficiency and emissions control becomes a critical factor for our health as individuals, communities and as a planet. While many aspects of this issue are quite systemic and technology-driven, significant changes can take place from changes in our behaviour. How can we know more, spend less and live better are key questions and answers for advancement.
Solutions for Energy and Emissions should deal with, but are not limited to the following aspects:
  • help cut wasteful energy consumption
  • give tools to reduce energy spendings
  • improve transparency and visualization of energy consumption
  • provide Hints and tips on saving energy
  • facilitate automation and control of energy consumption of electronic home devices

Culture & Tourism

Enjoying the cultural offer of a city is paramount to the wellbeing of citizens and a positive travel experience of visitors. The culture and tourism theme aims to harness the potential of mobile applications to give new impulses to the culture in the City.
Solutions for Culture and Tourism should deal with, but are not limited to the following aspects:
  • give access to the cultural agenda to all citizens and visitors in your city
  • help artists and any cultural agent in their work
  • connect makers of culture with their audience
  • offer personalized experiences for visitors
  • facilitate meaningful connections between visitors and citizens
  • help manage the flow of visitors in a city

Shopping & Retail

Shopping is a core activity of our daily lives and one that still offers the chance to stroll, browse and interact with fellow citizens making each experience unique. Apps can enhance that experience giving it a social dimension, facilitating discovery or easing comparison and transaction. Think of shopping as a process and you quickly see the abundant opportunities for mobile app solutions: from “Pre-Shopping” (explore, discover) to “Shopping” (find, experience, purchase) to “Post-Shopping” (share, evaluate).
Solutions for Retail and Shopping should deal with, but are not limited to the following aspects:
  • help consumers make better choices
  • connect local businesses with customers
  • create solutions for a sustainable consumption
  • add a social layer to the overall shopping experience

The Collaborative City

When it comes to defining cities, citizenship participation is paramount. In a collaborative city, local communities come together to address some of their own challenges in a collaborative way. Whether it is caring for our young, old and ill or tendering to the socially excluded apps can provide solutions at scale. The collaborative city connects citizens with the decision making process in all questions of public affairs. It offers it residents tools to actively shape their communities.
Why should you care? With over 80% of the world population living in cities solutions for a more collaborative city not only will have a huge societal impact. It might well be the only way forward.
Solutions for the collaborative city should deal with, but are not limited to the following aspects:
    • enable users to take part in the making-decision process.
    • allow users to make informed decisions.
    • help users to report their opinions around specific communal issues.
    • empower users to create their own tools and solutions.
    • improve efficiency and efficacy of the citizens’ participation process.